Dear Sister,

Dear Sister,

You are on our hearts. You don’t know most of us, but we are connected to you through the love, concern, and action of Lauren and Leah.  Out of their love for you, for all women, and for God, they let us know that one of our own might appreciate some support at this time.  All of us have responded because of our collective love for you, for all women, and for God.


You’ve been through so much.  We do not need to know every detail of your story to know this much to be true. You have endured great pain. Suffered in silence. You have carried an enormous burden, and have now practiced a great courage in pursuing a better life for yourself and your children.


You survived. Congratulations!  Let our love remind you of this:  God sees you, loves you, and has deemed you worthy of all good things. Stranger-sisters-friends of yours have poured in money, concern, and things in order to celebrate your survival and affirm your choice to thrive.  We offer you all of our love, because so many of us can relate to your story, and ALL of us can attest to needing support at some point in our lives.


Sister, you have our support.  We want you to know that you can do this. You ARE doing this. You are strong and capable and wise.  You are beautiful. The future is bright.


Congratulations! You survived. And we honor your life and the lives of Shanann Watts and her babies, who were killed recently by the man who said he loved them most.  For your survival, and the survival of anyone who finds an escape, we send up fiery and victorious cheers.


You did it. You made it. And this is only the beginning. Please know that though we are strangers, we really are not. We know you. We understand you. We see you as one made in the Image of God, and we will always be here cheering you on. Please accept this gift, not as charity, but as a seed sown into GOOD ground. We know that you will go on to bare beautiful fruit.



The Care Bear Cohort


Below are the messages from people from many parts of the country who have donated and are praying for you.


Becky G. sent her grandmother’s china and Michelle D. sent the Sam’s Club shipment <3



“For the stranger who left an abusive husband” ~Lakena J.

“For the friend” ~Brenda C.

“For the Palmers’ brave friend” ~Traci

“For starting over” ~Melanie

“For Shanann” ~Zekariah

“For the sister who got out” ~Linda D.

“For a seed” ~Steffon T.

“For a blessing” ~Tamisha

“For someone who was brave” ~Brooke

“For doing my part” ~Glennis

“For a friend starting over. Be well.”~T.

“For Care Bear support” ~Stacia

“For activated Care Bear” ~Natasha G.

“For her.” ~Michelle D.

“For emergency” ~Kinwana

“For sister love”~Danielle E.

“For a gift for her fresh start” ~Tameeka D.

“Donation for the sister-friend” ~Jean

“I pray she overcomes!” ~Renea

“Prayers for this brave soul as she starts over” ~Stacy

Praying for this friend” ~Alison

“Share the love” ~Rebecca C.

“To help the woman starting her new chapter” ~Kristanie C.

“stop domestic violence” ~Renee, Joanna, Kimberly, Lataya, Dawn, Caleb, Robin M., Lele,

“She can do this” ~Natasha + kids

“We love you” ~Cece & Mike